Walks, gluing, and Brooklyn Historical Society visit

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Midwood, Brownsville, East New York, Brighton Beach, Starrett City

Brighton Beach, Kensington, Sheepshead Bay, East New York

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Two williamsburg walks, 10.20 +10.24

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Walks 10.13-10.17

Red Hook

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Dumbo and Canarsie

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Panel two complete for now

Walks begin again this week!


Third panel progress

I’ve been focused on gluing lately and am beginning to see progress. My goals are to glue everything I’ve collected for the third panel by the end of this week, and all bags before the temperature cools enough for long walks. There will probably be a bit of overlap with long walks, a nap, and then an evening of gluing. Completion is in sight at the end of this year.

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Gluing season

Work, travel, and weather have necessitated I take a break from walks. Just in time, I’ve found and moved into a new work space in Crown Heights.


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