About this map

71 Square Miles, 2012- 2015

Land and the structures we build upon it house our experiences, memories, and voices. Tension and segregation between people limits access to collective histories, narrowing our vernacular and understanding of one another. Finding ways to mindfully preserve cultural diversity in New York City is the key to building a global city that retains and presents the rich lives of its citizens to future inhabitants.

Working to visualize voices throughout New York City, Jennifer Maravillas is walking every block to collect paper which represents each location on a series of maps of each borough.

71 Square Miles is the first she has completed in this series. Walking and creating the map took three years.

Found paper collection and map creation by Jennifer Maravillas

Code written for digital map by Matthew Maravillas

The piece was exhibited at BRIC Arts Media house February to May, 2015.

Geocoding Courtesy of MapQuest

Map data © OpenStreetMap contributors


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  1. Jeniffer, im delighted with your work. I find the process fascinating, especially for the atomization of each “every single Brooklyn block.”

  2. Hi Jennifer, your project looks fantastic! It reminded me of something, but it’s taken me ages to figure out what it is…have you read ‘City of Glass’ by Paul Auster? If you haven’t, you might find it interesting; if you have, did it influence what you’re doing at all?

    • Thank you for getting in touch, Jim. I have not read this particular title but do enjoy Paul Auster very so much so will definitely read it. My main inspiration for walking around Brooklyn was Herzog on Herzog (http://www.amazon.com/Herzog-Paul-Cronin/dp/0571207081) and escaping the loneliness of working alone all day in my studio.

      Have a lovely night!

      • I was pretty tired last night, and this morning just remembered that ‘City of Glass’ is about a crazy old man who wanders the streets of New York picking up various bits of rubbish, and a man who follows him, and becomes progressively more crazy himself. Whoops.

        Please do read it if you get the chance (I think it’s one of his best stories), but please forget what I asked about it being your inspiration!

        I’m going to read up on Herzog – thanks for replying!

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