Day three: Snow flurries in Bergen Beach

The general area of my route today was Bergen Beach and Mill Basin. I have had a difficult time learning about these neighborhoods and plan to visit their local libraries when I return to finish. At lunch a waitress told me it was at one point developed as a resort, similar to Coney Island. The outlying areas are now being used as landfill, in fact, directly across from homes. As you venture closer to the water, the houses become magnificent and of varied architectures that I cannot place although I strongly feel an eastern European influence.

There are two walking paths dissecting a half circle of the eastern edge of Mill Basin. The decision to include these sidewalks in the design of the area, likely made a long time ago, is incredibly romantic. Now used as a practice canvas for tags and other teenage activities, I must know what was there before. More to come soon.

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  1. Jen, Amazing project. Can’t wait to see the results.

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