Day six: North on Flatbush to downtown and Dumbo

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Directionless days of walking have proven to be the most soothing. A concept I would love to scale some day to the level of lifestyle, I call: living like a cat.

Embarking on a journey with no end goal. Allowing possibilities never foreseen to approach and being open to them as a new tiny universe. Passing the boundary of the charted world in my mind. Giving color to drawn pencil lines- the roads I’ve previously anticipated crossing. At these moments, my feet are most articulate and not a single breath lacks depth. This is playing. Celebrating a place because it exists.

When so centered, I do my best to share this feeling with those receptive on the sidewalks and in the establishments. I imagine myself to look like a gleeful tourist and anywhere they would be correct. This reminder is the currency exchanged between those in a monotonous routine briskly walking around people reading the city.

The next week or so my walks will be shorter and less frequent as I begin work on the map. It is 60 x 60″, on two pieces of 100# paper that I will mount on panels when I return to California.

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