San Francisco, California

I have returned to California for a bit of business, to continue creating the piece that is slowly evolving into something much larger than anticipated, and to raise funds for this project.

It feels as if this past month and a half in Brooklyn was really more than one year. All of the bits of my home have been kept constant in some time portal stirring me into a reflective frenzy.

Moving forward, my goal is to enable viewers the ability to zoom out from their lives, to see themselves as a part of an incredibly diverse community, and to inspire the appreciation of those interactions. As citizens of any urban environment, our responsibility is to learn from and share with others.

The map will show vernaculars: lists of words that show nutritional ideals, of colors symbolizing the mourning ritual in a homeland, of graphics that represent a history. The various forms in which we express our hopes for the future.

I will be west until the beginning of May, updating this blog regularly with progress on the map and tangents. Already these days away from Brooklyn have been fruitful, the constant desire to be outside walking has subsided enough to focus on creating.

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