Day twenty-two: East on Atlantic and north on Knickerbocker

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During my journey all day in wet sneakers and various stages of soaked I encountered smiles and pleasant exchanges about my ridiculous state. Visiting East New York for the first time, I was greatly relieved to have some common struggle to discuss even if it was at my expense.

I peered into workshops of men using their hands, spoke to park rangers on walkabouts, smiled at awkward middle school children, raised the suspicion of grave diggers operating machinery, and nearly killed three snails leaving the safety of their empty lots of tall grass headed to somewhere.

Transiting home I passed through Manhattan to change trains and witnessed a horrible and violent incident between two men. Both walked away but it left me in a slightly depressed state thinking about the city. So much of so many things, everything in extreme. I would probably lose it somehow as well if not for the joy I find during these walks. Today will be better.

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