Day twenty-five: East on Flushing Avenue

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Walking east on Flushing Avenue yesterday, I first reached the Brooklyn Navy Yard. On the western edge, a series of six military officers quarters called Admiral’s Row were built around the time of the Civil War. In a deep state of disrepair, one million shades of green partially obscure the facades and structures. Ivy grows in the yard like pristine carpet. Conversations regarding the future of these homes are split between razing the property to build a grocery, restoration, registration as historic places, and/ or adaptive reuse.

What a dream it would be to explore these buildings. Forty years untouched, I wonder what secrets were left to discover.

Buillding 92 of this same lot was restored and is now the Navy Yard’s museum. I learned that Howard Zinn worked in the yard before enlisting!

In Williamsburg I narrowly escaped being run over by a number of little Hasidic boys on their bicycles and saw a beautiful Latino family dressed for some extremely special occasion entering a church with a giant steeple.

I’m still researching the artists behind some of the murals in my photos, if you know any of them, please leave a comment. Factory Fresh included a 60 foot mural by Jim Avignon and one dead squirrel, one possibly sleeping squirrel by ROA.

In the residential area of Bushwick, two kids standing at the first floor window of their home squirted people with water guns as they passed. The little girl shot me three times, looked me in the eye and said “sorry”.

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  1. Some of the building are beautiful and would be a wonderful slice of history to preserve. Others would be a dream to restore and make them suitable for modern use. Summertime in the city is definitely when those water guns come out!

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