A short time after my last post I realized the paper on which I traced the map and glued my first walk could not withstand the amount of liquid necessary to properly adhere everything I’ve collected. Buckling. Such a learning curve in this pursuit. I love it nonetheless.

I’ve found a stronger paper and a proper space in which to build the piece. The trash and the new panels  have been moved to EVB, a San Francisco based ad agency that I love. The daily commute, halls of very long walls for the four panels, and dear  friends with whom I can share my progress with will make a most fitting home for my Brooklyn until I return. I am a lucky woman.

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  1. Mark Rosenthal July 23, 2012 — 8:17 PM


    So proud of your efforts, creativity and world view. Had coffee with Leslie today and we were admiring the way you’re changing the world 🙂 Keep up the fresh thinking and call me next time you’re in the Ville. xoxo,

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