Gravesend, Bensonhurst, Borough Park

2013-10-07 13.47.51 copy 2013-10-07 13.26.23 2013-10-07 12.18.58 2013-10-07 12.20.46 2013-10-07 11.27.54 copy 2013-10-07 13.07.07 copy 2013-10-07 13.19.28 copy 2013-10-07 11.25.06 2013-10-07 12.58 2013-10-07 11.41.41 2013-10-07 12.13.23 2013-10-07 11.26.39Yesterday was one of those days that everything looked and felt symmetrical. The world during my morning walk was perfectly composed under a constant and thing layer of stratus clouds. It rained only twice when I reached Avenue U on the Q. Must have been the light.

I ate falafel, hummus, and the second best potato salad at Falafel off the Korner to the sound of the funeral for the venerated Rabbi Ovadia Yosef of Isreal. Friendly and delicious though falafel always hurts my belly. Before leaving my house, I filled my water bottle with carbonated water and it exploded in the restaurant sending the large cap 6 feet into the air above my head. Another kind patron nearly caught it laughed with me hysterically for some time.

Many ceremonies must have been taking place as tons of gorgeously dressed people filled the sidewalk in Borough Park. A man in a Borsalino hat walked some distance from me with a bouncing gait, arms moving in the shape of pizza slices under a coat draped over his shoulders.

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