Days 30 & 31: Coney Island, Brighton Beach, and Manhattan Beach

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Arriving in Brooklyn shortly after the storm, I’ve been settling in, working, and volunteering with Occupy Sandy. Aside from helping in Red Hook, most of this life has been in areas unaffected, though I’m only 11 B stops away from major destruction and power loss.

My first two walks, Saturday and Monday were around Coney Island, Brighton Beach, and Manhattan Beach. People were optimistic though they seemed to be living in some sort of crime scene. A dirty flood line was on walls and fences, mud and sand in places it did not belong. Some people were still without power so lines for supplies and food at distribution sites were winding. Sounds of construction, piles of debri, and tiny rivers on the sidewalks from pumped basement floods were everywhere.

During these three weeks of slow recovery I have grown curious to see how Sandy will transform the infrastructure of the city, region, nation, and world. Conversations  are beginning to take place around New York. Please share with me any you might hear of in the coming months.

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